NEWS RELEASE September 2010

KD&A Launches
Corporate Environmental Awareness
Educational Program
Winter 2011

Ottawa, ON — Krista Dunlop & Associates Inc., an incorporated company since 1992, is a professional communications consultancy with comprehensive experience in creating and implementing full-scale communications and marketing programs entailing all aspects of project management (research, writing, editing, proofreading, translation, graphic design, printing and distribution) of internal and external publications for the general public or specific target groups.

KD&A is proud to announce the launch of its Corporate Environmental Awareness Educational Program in the winter of 2011. Through our newly created "Underwater Odyssey" division, KD&A will work in conjunction with the Project AWARE Foundation, as a strong advocate dedicated to conserving underwater environments through education, advocacy and action.

Our vision is to shape the young reader's experience so that kids can find order, meaning and beauty on our blue planet. We carefully nurture young children's imaginations, providing windows through which they can look into their world and empower them to voice their environmental concerns.

KD&A believes the future of our environmental world rests in the hands of our young children. Through the creation of our Underwater Odyssey division, we address our corporate responsibility as their guardian's in helping to resolve our present day environmental issues.

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